Highlights: artREAL + PULSE Event Highlights from artREAL and PULSE Contemporary Art Fair's event 'Leaning in – Olympics of the Art World’

Helen Toomer of PULSE Contemporary Art Fair and Ali Aren Ebrahimi of artREAL. Photo courtesy of Tad Mask.
From left to right: Sarah Cascone of artnet; Marina Garcia-Vasquez of The Creators Project, Justine Ludwig of Dallas Contemporary, Helen Toomer of PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, Bahia Ramos of the Knight Foundation and Ali Aren Ebrahimi of artREAL. Photo courtesy of Tad Mask.

Highlights from artREAL and PULSE Contemporary Art Fair’s October 6th event Leaning in – Olympics of the Art World

artREAL and PULSE were pleased to bring together such an engaged audience for a panel discussion and lively cocktail party in the sprawling multi-level art-filled penthouse of 37 East 12th Street, which is on the market for a whopping $27 million. artREAL’s mission is to bring together the worlds of art and real estate, and what better way to do that than present an art event in a property that is for sale. Hint, the townhouse at 37 East 12th Street is also on the market for $15 million.

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair director Helen Toomer moderated the lively conversation with Sarah Cascone, Associate Editor of artnet; Justine Ludwig, Director of Exhibitions and Senior Curator at Dallas Contemporary; Bahia Ramos, Arts Program Director of the Knight Foundation and Marina Garcia-Vasquez, the Editor-in-Chief of The Creators Project.

Performance, sculpture and video artist Christopher Willauer attended the event and captured this moody image.

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