artREAL Founder Aren Ebrahimi Aren Ebrahimi discusses his passion of art and real estate and his vision behind artREAL

Ali Ebrahimi


“artREAL is a project that combines my two greatest passions: art and real estate.

Before embarking on my New York real estate career, I studied Fine Art and spent a number of years in the art world being shaped by extraordinary influencers and visionaries. During this time I met fascinating and colorful art dealers, artists, collectors and administrators — some of the most fulfilling years of my life. My passion for art fuels everything I do, particularly my work in real estate which focuses on the art culture of New York and related properties and developments.

What interests me most about NYC real estate is its relationship with art — I can’t think of another city where there is a greater exchange between the two. Art has the power to express profound ideas, pose questions, and evoke complex emotions through visual mediums as simple as paint on a canvas, light projected on a wall, a shadow, or a performance piece. Art engages your senses and the mind, bringing out inexplicable feelings that stay with you, much like many properties in New York.

The parallel between art and real estate can be drawn in many instances. Certain homes move you in incredible ways that are hard to explain. Architectural lines, juxtaposition of textures, lights and shadows, proportions of spaces — all create a canvas for life and displaying one’s art.

artREAL aims to capture the best of art and real estate in New York through collaborations with industry influencers, presenting curated content featuring luxury real estate listings, artist spotlights, interviews with industry insiders, and related news and exclusive events that combine the two worlds in new and unexpected ways”

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